The Bikes

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Sparse Lights

The award-winning Sparse Fixed Lighting system is a permanent and indispensable component of our team bicycles. The lights are sleek and subtle, so they stay out of our way, unnoticed until the sun sets, when they become a most powerful asset for urban and extra-urban riding situations.

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Enve Composites Rims and Forks

Enve forks are the gold standard of quality and function and with integrated brake cable channels and plenty of tire clearance, their disc cross forks are the perfect match for our team bikes. We also use Enve’s Cross Country clincher rims, which are ultra light and strong enough for any adventure ride.

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King Cages

Sometimes the best components are the least complicated. King Cages are stainless steel hand-formed into classic water bottle cage shapes. They’re slick-looking, match the bikes perfectly and perform all the major functions of a water bottle cage, which is to say they hold bottles firmly.

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SRAM Drivetrains and Brakes

SRAM’s new WiFLi 11 speed Force derailleurs allow an incredibly wide range of gear options to handle high speed runs, savage low speed climbs and everything in between.

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Chris King Hubs and Headsets

Our team bikes come with King’s I7 headset, a modern take on the original Nothreadset model and capable of fitting Enve’s cross forks with tapered steering columns. We also use King’s ISO disc hubs for their strength, durability, signature Ring Drive sound and because they look darn good.

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Vittoria Tires

The finest bicycle in the world will ride poorly if equipped with sub-standard tires. Our bikes will be using a wide array of rubber from Vittoria, each tire model designed and rendered for performing a specific function on a specific terrain type. All tire models feature legendary Vittoria ride quality.