2014 Retrospective

by Firefly Bicycles

In the next couple of weeks we'll publish a post or two to sum up the 2014 season and try to explain how proud we are of the riders and the sponsors in the Adventure Team's first year. We have a plan for how to make it even better next year, but for the first year of a team that doesn't neatly fit into any pre-existing team's model, we're pretty psyched with how it went.

Just look back through the 559 (and counting) Instagram posts with the #fireflyadventureteam tag to get a sense of why.

In the meantime, though, we have to share these photos, which we think represent the team's unwavering enthusiasm for bikes. After a full spring and summer of team rides, and full cross seasons for most of the team, they're still happy to go out on a weeknight in a snow storm to play on their bikes and help realize a local photographer's idea. We can't thank Chris McIntosh enough for organizing this shoot and taking such beautiful photos. They make us even more psyched to work with him more in the future, for the winter ahead, and for the next year of riding.














AR square 72