Firefly Adventure Team Worldwide

by Firefly Bicycles


As it turns out, we have some really amazing customers. In just over five years we have sent more than 500 bikes out into the world. Each bike has gone to a unique individual for a specific combination of uses. We can only begin to imagine the adventures these bikes have been on and will continue to go on. We are unbelievably proud to have created the vehicles that have made so many adventures possible for so many wonderful people. THIS is the impetus for the creation of the next iteration of The Firefly Adventure Team :: WORLDWIDE.


For 2016, we will continue to support the awesome group of local women and our local cycling community. In addition to that local element, we have selected 12 Firefly owners around the world to participate and create a ride of their choosing. Many live is some of the most renowned cycling areas in the world, and some live and ride in areas that are just as amazing but as yet undiscovered by the cycling community at large. Through their journeys we plan on getting a unique, personal, and exclusive perspective on their definition of a cycling “adventure.” From planning to execution, and any pitfalls and discoveries along the way, these adventures will surely prove to be educational and inspirational.


Each Adventure will be documented through digital and analog means, recounted on this site with an in-depth journal entry, and later through a group photography exhibit here at the Firefly Gallery.


As we look forward to 2017, we hope to expand the Adventure Team Worldwide to include even more Firefly owners who want to submit their own adventures. But for now, with the help of our amazing sponsors :: 12 people. 12 Adventures. Have no doubt that we are very excited! 2016 is going to be a wonderful year for ADVENTURE. 


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